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DOB: July 4, 2014

Cobb is a Cane Corso mix that grew up on a chain. Now, no dog would do well growing up on a chain without being properly socialized, but the more dominant, protective breeds suffer because they are naturally protective of their person and territory. Needless to say, Cobb didn’t do well on the chain and that got him in trouble with the community’s bylaw, which is how he came to live at Ferne’s.  

It’s fair to say that every dog deserves a chance and a great many of them learn, adapt, and let go of their past. Cobb was “almost” one of them.  He did great here, he listened and wanted to please his people, but it was obvious to see he was still protective and territorial.  Eventually, he was adopted out, but his protective qualities got the better of him. In fairness to Cobb, all the warning signs were there, but his adopters pushed passed them thinking they knew what was best for him. It’s a frustrating thing, to see a dog try and communicate, only to be ignored, and then get in trouble for the things they have been trying to communicate. 

Luckily, Cobb got to come back here, but not all dogs get that option because the world makes decisions for them.   Cobb loves it here and does exceptional well, even meets people without an issue, but when he communicates, we listen. 

*Cobb would also like to publicly apologize to Cassie for the one-time things got weird and a little ‘bitey’ but that was entirely Terra’s fault.

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