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DOB: 2015

Comet is a darling dog that originally came from the Milk River hoarding case. She had bit a few people and sadly that paints rescues into a corner with what options they have left. Comet had been raised in a horrendous living situation and was never socialized so her first instinct is to use her mouth on new people. So, she bounced around a couple rescues before she arrived here for some training, but through some adoption attempts it became apparent she thrived here.
Here Comet can meet new people and interact safely, which is amazing for her, but that is because she has a lot of faith that her caretaker and the other dogs will handle the situation. She loves to boss the other dogs around and alert to any intruder, she listens very well and adores her people. This comfort is transferable for Comet though so she will continue to be her best self at Ferne’s.

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