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DOB: 2018

Delta Dawn was left behind when her owners moved away; she started venturing to the neighbors for food, but their dog didn’t get along with her and they could see she was losing weight.  When they followed her home, they discovered the house had been abandoned for quite some time and Delta was living under the stairs in filth. She was homeless and starving so the neighbor’s borrowed a live trap, caught her, and took her to the vet.  Delta had no microchip, no tattoo and was covered in fleas. The vet treated her, but they had nowhere to place her, so we helped by taking her in.  In the time she’s been here she’s developed a great bond with the other dogs and loves to protect them by to strangers on the property.
She is a great guardian but has never accepted pets from people.  For her to be groomed, she needs to be sedated and muzzled, but otherwise follows her people everywhere. Delta will still cower if someone picks up a tool or shovel, and will still hide if a voice is raised, but she had learned to watch her caretaker though, so if the dogs are called loudly, she recovers quickly.  She wags her tail and jumps and play bows, barks at the cat and thinks she owns the place. We think that’s a lot better than being abandoned without a thought and living under a door step with out a concern.

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