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DOB: August 27, 2013

What’s eating Gilbert Grape?  The fact that Gilbert had a very neglected upbringing is what set Gilbert on a path to becoming a sanctuary dog (lucky for him).  Gilbert was born in a yard with a kind man who fed all the dogs that showed up.  While they were all fed, the man did not have the means to fix the dogs, so when more dogs showed up, more multiplied.  When we got the call to help there were 26 dogs in the yard, including 3 litters born just days apart.  Gilbert was one of the older pups, about 10 months old.  He had been born in a den, and when old enough, the female dog brought him up to the house to be fed by the kind man. Even though Gilbert was growing up around a human, that human never pet him, picked up him or cuddled him and that meant that Gilbert never developed a desire to be pet by a human. 
There were months of desensitization training, but to this day Gilbert will tolerate human touch but does not like it. Now as a member of our sanctuary pack, Gilbert will follow his caretaker around everywhere as a happy companion that does not want pets. No, instead Gilbert is happy playing and partying with his dog friends and lives for food and treats (as is evident by his waistline).

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