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DOB: October 29, 2010

Goose, Goose-goose, the little orange fur baby. Goose had to be live trapped so that he could be rescued. Now sometimes dogs that must be live trapped had originally been pets but living as a stray their survival instincts kick in and they develop a fear of humans. Once trapped, however, they reacquire their desire for human interaction. And then there are some dogs that have never been handled and the live trap is the only way a human can get near them. The term feral or semi-feral is thrown around a lot; well Goose would have been as close to feral as you can get.
Although he did not warm up to humans for a very long time, he quickly became easy to manage since he liked to follow the other dogs around. So even though he would avoid people like the plague, he could be let loose, unfenced, because he would just follow the dogs back into the run or buildings. Eventually Goose started staying put when he was fed and would come up with the other dogs to get treats. Then one day, almost a year into having him, his caretaker sat down, stuck out her hand and Goose approached. She was able to scratch his chin, then his neck, until soon Goose was almost sitting on her. He got his chest and butt scratched and he loved it. It still took him a long time to approach if someone was standing up, but now he happily comes for pets no matter what his caretaker is doing. Goose is definitely a soft soul.

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