DOB: September 28, 2015

Before Keeva came into care, she was living as a stray on a farm and had to be live trapped. She was so shutdown and shy it seemed that trusting people was far out of her reach. Whenever someone went to pick something up or moved too fast, she would cower and slink to the ground. It took her a long time to accept pets from her caretakers until she eventually grew comfortable to run around and come to them for pets on her own.
As she grew comfortable at the sanctuary it was soon learned that Keeva has a very high prey drive and is dangerous around small dogs, cats, and other animals. Now that may sound bad, but Keeva is really good with dogs over 25 lbs. and dogs she knows, just not great around new small dogs. She is a beautiful girl that is very obedient, loves to investigate and tries her hardest to be brave when encouraged to try something new. Keeva’s favorite activity is to fight with Puss Puss through the office window; the only one that may enjoy it more is Puss Puss.



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