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DOB: July 3, 2009

Leopold came in as a younger dog with severe mange, skinny as a rail and a tendency to nip if scared.  He settled in quick and liked his people. The mange cleared and he showed love to all the dogs.  Leo was adopted out twice but was returned both times because well, let’s just say he doesn’t do well as a traditional pet.  He loves his people but being indoors is still unsettling for him because when he feels cornered, he reverts back to nipping. He is a dream here and loves all volunteers and guests; sometimes the power of the pack makes a big difference. 
Leo has an old damaged back leg and when he stands, he crosses he back legs so that he looks like philosophy professor contemplating life.  He keeps the team calm and levelheaded no matter what we do and is always down for a good time.  Leo has always been wise beyond his years; an old soul. To this day he knows instinctively when its vet day and begins acting like a criminal hiding out in the shadows instead of the charming cuddle bug he normally is. We’re convinced he has access to the google calendar because there is nothing else that gives it away.  Life will be completely normal, and the vet appointment isn’t until 3 but from the minute everyone starts the day, Leo is aloof. So, he’s either psychic or has learned to use a computer.

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