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DOB: March 7, 2012

Ninja is aptly named because this little assassin loves to fool people into petting him and then he will turn around and bite them.  Honestly, this is a super cruel joke since he’s so cute and approaches people like he’s the friendliest little fur ball before he bites the crap out of you. Is it wrong? Yes. Does he still do it? Yes. Do we tell him not to? Not anymore. Instead we just tell volunteers not to fall for his charms.
But Ninja has other trucks up his fur sleeves too. His favorite pastime is playing guard dog to his dog buddies. No other dogs are allowed to play with his friends and his friends can’t go out the gate or door before him. Ninja gets his exercise running from one dog to the other telling them not to play with his friends. Ninja is the fun police and Homer is his sidekick.

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