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DOB: 2014

Ruby baby came from a home where we can only assume that she loved her person because that is what they claimed. So when her person moved into a senior's home and could not take Ruby she came through a rescue and then eventually landed here.  Ruby does not like to be pet, cuddled, or in any way touched. She will growl and hiss at anyone that tries.  She does however, adore Terra, in her little ways and will rub up against her legs, but if  a pet is offered then she is slapped straight into next week.  Hilariously enough Terra can manage to hornswoggle her into a harness to take her outside and she actually loves it.  But you can hear the growls of disgust coming from her while the harness is going on.  We're pretty confident she knows she’s going outside so it’s the only reason Terra is not bloodied by her murder mittens.  But she’s happy enough to roam around and communicate through a balance of mews and hisses.

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