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DOB: April 14, 2014

White Fang was abandoned in a Northern community and left to fend for himself. He had to scavenge and hunt for food, so he wasn’t very popular in the neighborhood he was living in. Many of the residents were mean to him and did whatever they could to chase him out of their yards. So, over the years, Fang developed a strong dislike for humans, even though he still depended on them for food.
For a long time, Fang managed to avoid live traps and snares, but luckily for him, just before the community was preparing to shoot him, he decided to go into the live trap. He eventually made his way here and he’s been here ever since. Fang really is a sensitive sweetheart; he smiles and adored his girlfriend Athena. He did everything she did and listened to what she said, even when she was grumpy.
In May, Athena passed away, leaving Fang devastated. He stopped eating and wouldn’t even come outside his pen to acknowledge the other dogs. Each new friend that was introduced to him made him withdraw more. Weeks passed with no improvement and he would just eat enough food to sustain himself, nothing more. One day, Terra decided to put Keeva in with Fang to see what would happen. Keeva is a forceful lady so even though this made Fang mad, Keeva wouldn’t take no for an answer. She ignored his gruff demeanor and walked right on passed Fang as he growled and snarled at her. Soon Fang was following her, just a little, and eating half of his dinner. Then he started looking into whatever Keeva was doing and eating all his dinner. Now, Fang pups out of the pen bouncing around with a huge smile on his face. Not only does he follow Keeva round, but he will go and check stuff out on his own too. He enjoys a quick chin scratch and jumping up on his people (very quickly though so he can’t be pet). Fang is happy and as friendly now as he’s ever been.

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