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DOB: June 12, 2015

What a lot of people may not know is, there are many layers involved in the term “feral”. There is feral, semi feral, kind of feral, and really skittish. Yes, those are the scientific terms. Okay maybe they are just Terra’s terms, but tomato, tamato.  The important thing to take away is that it’s hard for any rescue to keep, let alone adopt out the truly feral and semi feral dogs. These dogs are often shutdown, overwhelmed and live in a constant state of stress. Pringles is one of these dogs, but you can add bitey to her resume. When cornered or scared, Pringles will show her teeth and you shouldn’t blame her, but you can’t be that type of dog living loose in a community.
During her evaluation to determine what her options were (which weren’t looking good), Pringles escaped but didn’t run away. Instead she managed to tunnel into the dog run with Homer and Ninja where she happily played with her newfound friends until Terra returned. Terra then corralled Pringles back into her own run and fixed the hole that Pringles escaped out of. Then, magically Pringles did it again. After two or three escapes, Homer, Ninja, and KeeOtee started going to Pringles gate, or would try to cut Terra off so she couldn’t separate them. The three boys had, in a way, adopted Pringles and who are we to say no. So, Pringles, one of the world’s cutest dogs and the world’s worst cuddler, now lives here with her dog friends who she follows around everywhere, living her best life.

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