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Tragedy Strikes Ferne's

December 20, 2021

On the night of December 19, 2021 our founder Terra and her family woke to find their barn on fire. Unfortunately the fire was too far advanced and the barn burnt to the ground. The barn housed some of our sanctuary animals, as well as many of Terra's resident animals. While all the animals who are part of our Sanctuary program were able to escape, there was still a tremendous loss of life with 17 animals unable to get out in time. These animals were beloved pets who had all been rescued over the course of many years. They included dotty and Charlotte the pot belly pigs, Gordon and Vincent the goats, Pudge and Podge the 6 month old baby goats, a flock of roosters and 4 ducks. 
Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Sanctuary in honor of the lives taken so suddenly can do so through our donation page. We have included a list of items that will need to be replaced, but are accepting monetary donations as well. The cause of the fire remains under investigation at this time.

A Rocky Start

December 15, 2021

Meet Rocky. This old man has spent his whole life living outdoors in a Northern community. When his owner moved away, Rocky decided to wander the highway and being almost deaf, this put him in a very dangerous situation. Soon Rocky found an old mattress to take up residence on outside someone's house. Happily for him, that person was willing to surrender Rocky, and when all the other rescues were full, Ferne's took him in. Welcome Rocky to your new home!

Meet our Ambassadors - Henry

November 3, 2021

Henry had come from a dairy farm where the males/bulls are sold for butcher. Terra’s friends knew
how much she loved cows and decided for her birthday that they would rescue him. Henry
arrived at Terra’s farm as a bottle baby because dairy calves are removed from their mothers at a very young age. Even though Henry was tiny he tried to make friends with everyone; the pig that bit him, the goats that bunted him, and the chickens that ran from him. He lived for his bottle and snuggles and very quickly learned to avoid the pig and worked on making friends with the goats instead. To this day they are Henry’s bffs.

At some point during his upbringing Terra realized that she now had a 1200 lbs. cow that had been allowed to get away with everything. And because he had been allowed to free roam, Henry developed a great talent for escaping. So, friendship turned to a warden and prisoner relationship when Henry had to start living his life from behind the fence. But Henry had no time for rules, regulations or fences and thus began his many adventures.  

When we say Henry escapes all the time, we mean ALL the time. Terra has spent a good portion of her hard-earned money on fencing, wood panels and gates only to have Henry mock her by breaking the new fortification and tossing the remnants aside like toothpicks. Even wire that can keep in bison and Henry will lean his rear on it until it gives and he’s once again free. Electric fencers? Still just child’s play where Henry is concerned. He will study the fence and learn exactly where it doesn’t zap him and break free.

On his adventures, Henry has stopped school buses, been hit by a truck leaving a Henry-sized dent in the fender and walked away unscathed, he’s been in the neighbors field more times than we can count, and he’s greeted Terra’s daughter home from school like a golden retriever on multiple occasions. He also enjoys routinely breaking out of the pasture and into the hay fence.

To sum up Henry, he is the perfect blend of good and evil. He is the arch nemesis and lifelong pal in a large furry, brown-eyed jumpsuit. The words “Henry you son-of-a-b*tch” have been uttered more time than Terra would care to admit. But Henry is a Ferne’s ambassador for this reason. He was born into sad circumstances and saved by people who knew his worth. He is a troublemaker, escape artist and blossoming vandal, but he is loved unconditionally just like all the animals here at Ferne’s.

Community Outreach - Wabasca

October 4, 2021

Early in October our volunteers had the opportunity to assist with the Canadian Animal Task Force at their spay and neuter clinic in Wabasca, AB. A total of 242 cats and dogs were fixed in a single weekend. This is an important initiative to helping reduce the number of stray cats and dogs in the community.

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