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Being in rescue for a number of years, you find yourself a part of many community Facebook pages and as I was scrolling through one of those pages I stopped at a post about a pig that had turned up at someone's house looking like it had lost a few fights.
I clicked on the comments and saw that the pig belonged to someone I knew from the rescue world, so I gave him a call. Turns out he had 4 pigs and to come and get them because his dogs were attacking them daily.
So there we were, driving out in darn near hurricane like weather to pick up the pigs...well scramble through the rain and mud is more like it. But we did end up capturing them and now they are safely back in Ferne's care for the time being.
Say hello to Fiddler, one of the 3 little piggies that no longer need to worry about the big bad wolf. Now up for adoption!

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