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DOB: October 18, 2009

This little scruffy mutt has had quite an adventurous life. Homer was a feral dog that lived in a community way up north near Fort Vermillion. He had lived on his own for over a year before a lady spent months trying to catch him. Then, on one very cold night, she managed to get him in a live trap.  Upon closer inspection, this atrocious looking dog was so ridiculously matted that you could knock on his coat and it sounded like a piece of wood.
On his first trip to the vet, he was sedated and shaved and came back to the sanctuary a tiny skinny hairless monster. We referred to him (lovingly) as a “rabid hairless guinea pig” for the first few weeks.
Once Homer realized he could come and go out of the pen without a harness everyone’s lives improved immensely.  He thinks he’s a big dog in a 14 lbs. package. He loves quad rides and racing down the field with the pack behind him.  Homer was never adopted because you can hardly pet him and he chews everything and anything.  We could not be more serious when we say EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING.
His list includes:
·         A large plastic snow shovel,
·         The seat off my quad,
·         Countless gloves and mittens,
·         Every dog bed he’s ever been given (or allowed near),
·         The 2006 rescue financials, and
·         a bag of insulation
(those are just the big-ticket items)
In his senior years he’s less of a chewer but still loves to be filthy and covered in horse/cow poo or mud.  So much character in a small package.

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