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DOB: 2017

Get your Kleenex out… I have a bit of a story to tell. I’m Hunter and I’m a pointer.  In my first home I was allowed to roam and I was hit by a car. My back leg was badly broken and no one took me to the vet, so it healed kinda funny.  And then I was then hit by a quad and broke my front leg on the same side. Once again, I never saw a vet that time either, but it did heal better because I’m a strong guy.  My story doesn't end there, I was then hit by a machete. It is unknown if it was on purpose or accident, but I do have a scar going through the middle of my nose because of it.  Don’t let this fool you, in true dog style, I still love people and I still like to be crazy active. Because of my past, I am on mild pain medication for any arthritis.  I am good with most dogs, but I really like to bark at the ones that bark at me.  I haven’t met cats yet.

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