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DOB: 2019

Hi everyone! I'm Tilly. You may remember seeing me on Facebook when I first arrived at Ferne's. Sadly I was found as a stray dog and would not go near anyone. With winter coming, and me starving and with very short fur, rescuers knew I needed to be saved quickly. So Ferne's sent out a dedicated volunteer to go and get me and to everyone's relief, he was able to bring me in. 

So turns out that Ferne's in the right place for me. I am a little ferally and find people weird. If there is a confident dog in between me and my person then I will occasionally allow a chin scratch, but nothing else. My nickname is Sassy little Lassy, because even though I'm small, I love to tell all the dogs and the people here what to do. And will also sneak treats if someone leaves the door to the food room open.

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